Supporting Our Community

Visiting Georgia Tech Aquatics Center

Falcon Gives Back

Mike Crawford, Business Development Manager for Falcon Design Consultants was among those in attendance for the Georgia Tech Aquatics center tour recently.  The Kensley Grace Foundation arranged for local residents to tour the aquatic center at Georgia Tech.

The foundation is in the midst of a fundraising effort to bring the Kensley Grace Aquatic Center to Henry County. The Kensley Grace Aquatic Center will serve the needs of the youngest to the oldest citizens. Just imagine the lives that will be touched by Competitive Swimming, Aerobics, Life Saving, Drown Proofing and Healing Therapy. The Kensley Grace Aquatic Center will improve the quality of life of Henry County’s population as well as its surrounding neighbors. The revenue impact for the county can be substantial. Competitive swim meets bring hundreds of participants, their families and friends for several days at a time. View a video about the Kensley Grace Aquatic Center.